Pilates and Yoga

Amira Haidary

Amira has been teaching mind – body movement for over 12 years. She taught Pilates full-time at UCSF's Mission Bay Pilates studio for eight years and was highly recommended for both her mat work and equipment classes. She's known for her clear explanations, patience, and gentle guidance as she helps students achieve muscular and mental balance. Amira is BASI Pilates certified and Fletcher mat certified. She is also an NASM certified fitness trainer. In addition to her work as a Pilates instructor, Amira teaches Hatha and Ashtanga yoga, and hold seven yoga certifications in these lineages. Yoga is actually what brought Amira to Pilates in the first place. She had a strong, flexible body from yoga but was frequently in pain. A friend recommended Pilates, which revealed to Amira how weak her core was and in time, rehabbed her body, strengthening her back and shoulders and restoring physical balance. Amira enjoys motivating her students, creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment, and giving them physically challenging work.