Christina Briggs brings extensive experience in performance, knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, and a complex understanding of somatics (mind-body connection) to her teaching. As a professional dancer, she instantly connected with the Pilates method and has been an Instructor since 1998. She was trained in New York City by Fran Lehen, a protégé of Carola Trier, and taught at her studio, Ground floor NYC, for 12 years. She is a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher and earned a mat certification from the Kane School of Core Integration. She also teaches dance and Pilates in universities including Hofstra, where she developed a Pilates curriculum that supported both the kinesiology and technique classes for dance majors. Currently, Christina is a Pilates Instructor and Dance Teacher for groups and individuals in San Francisco, where she uses her knowledge to facilitate empowerment and growth in her students.